Automated Range Ball Management

Range ball management made effortless

If you are a small-scale or sizeable practice centre, our automatic range ball management robots provide dependability, performance, and simplicity. Built to be easy to use and convenient, our robotic ball wash and return solution for range golf balls was created to industrial specifications.

It operates along with the robot ball collector ‘Ball Picker’ that gathers the golf balls on the driving range outfield. This makes sure that from ball gathering and  returning to the dispenser, no human involvement is necessary.

Balls will be emptied into your hopper automatically
Save labour times and concentrate on other tasks
Continuous ball supply – ideal for large hoppers and busy schedules
The system is manufactured from quality components

Stage 1 – Range Ball Management

As soon as the automatic robot ball collector is filled, it comes back to its charging facility and drops the golf balls into your drop zone of the return system.

The drop zone hopper is constructed from stainless-steel to assure strength in the future.

Its stainless steel hopper offers several relief points over its surface area to lower probable dirt from getting into the system.

Stage 2 – Range Ball Management

The golf balls enter into the transport piping, that's operating in negative pressure and water is pumped in to wash the golf balls.

They will be then pulled along the piping, through a brush washer component, enabling clean golf balls to be sent back to the ball dispenser.

Stage 3 – Range Ball Management

Immediately after all of the golf balls reach the final receiver they can be discharged enabling the balls to be released into your ball dispenser.
The return method is handled by the AMS robotics dashboard, that is generally found next to the dispenser within the ball room.
In a nutshell our electronic marvel delivers efficiency and cost benefits to golfing sites. Perhaps you should make contact to set up your FREE no obligation site assessment and you could start making the swap to robotic ball management.

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