Your generator can be repaired more affordably then you might think!

You have probably invested in a bargain generator within the last couple of years, it worked perfectly the first and (perhaps second year if you are lucky) but it is now gathering dust in either a tool-chest or garden shed.
You may have been told that it is cheaper to buy a new one - but wait a second...

What if we could repair your generator with better quality spare parts and at a fraction of the price of buying a new one?
That is what we do at MH Garden Machinery.
For a fixed price, we will repair your generator and save you a nice amount of money at the same time.

For fast turn around, expert advice and professional service, give us a call or send a message for further details.
If you have already made up your mind that you need this repair and simply want to get it done then please click the buy button below!

generator repairs

Generator Repairs


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Generator Repair

Standard pull start generators from £55.00 +Vat up to 2.5kW

Electric start generators from £65.00+Vat up to 2.7kW

Over 2.7kW £85.00+Vat

This includes engine service and generator output.

Suitcase Generators from £65.00 +Vat

Diesel Generators from £ 130.00+Vat parts are extra on all Diesel Generators.

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Standard pull start generators up to 2.5KW, Electric start generators up to 2.7kW, Electric start generators 0ver 2.7kW, Suitcase Generators, Diesel Generators plus parts

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